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Rate :: The cost of a unit of insurance. Rates are based on historical loss experience for similar risks and may be regulated.


Reimbursement :: The payment of the expenses actually incurred as result of an accident or sickness, but not to exceed any amounts specified in the policy.


Reinstatement :: The resumption of coverage under a policy which has lapsed.


Reinsurance :: Transfer of an insurance (or part of the risk covered) from one insurance company to another for a premium, not necessarily with the knowledge of the policyholder.


Renewal :: Continuance of coverage under a policy beyond its original term by the insurer’s acceptance of the premium for a new policy term.


Replacement :: The substitution of health insurance coverage from one policy contract to another.


Retention :: The net amount of risk retained by an insurance company for its account or that of specified others, and not reinsured.


Retro-cession :: The amount of risk that a reinsurance company reinsures; the amount of a cession which the reinsurer passes on. The reinsurance bought by re-insurers to protect their financial stability.


Risk :: The chance of loss.


Risk Avoidance :: Any action that removes the chance of an adverse outcomes happenings.


Risk Control :: Any conscious action intended to reduce the frequency, severity, or predictability of accidental losses.


Risk Reduction :: Measure that could reduce the chance of losses occurring of the size of such losses.


Risk retention insurance :: Policy of bearing of risk because it would cost more to insure against it than the loss itself.


Robbery :: The taking of property from a person by force or threat of violence.

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